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James Haley, P.Eng., C.Eng., C.Geol.

Specialist Geotechnical Engineer

James Haley is a Specialist Geotechnical Engineer based in Knight Piésold’s Vancouver office. He is a registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia, as well as a British Chartered Engineer and Chartered Geologist. He has over 25 years of work experience in geological engineering, and specializes in terrain hazards assessment. His specialist skills in this field include aerial photograph interpretation, terrain analysis, engineering geological mapping, landslide investigations, dynamic modelling of landslides, Quantitative Risk Assessment, the design of mitigation structures for debris flow and rock fall hazards, and the development of landslide risk management plans for both the construction and operational phases of projects in landslide prone terrain.

James has extensive experience in developing geological models for hydropower and mining projects and for a broad range of civil engineering projects. These projects have a wide range of geological settings, including arctic permafrost, previously glaciated sites with a complex stress history, shallow marine sites, and sites with deeply weathered tropical residual soils. James is experienced in the interpretation of the geology, ground conditions, support requirements, and anticipated groundwater inflow for hard rock and soft rock tunnels.