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Martín Groisman

Martín Groisman

Mendoza, Argentina
+54 261 422 4042

Project Manager

Martín Groisman has a bachelor’s degree in environmental management and is a specialist in the management and conservation of natural areas. He has over 11 years of professional experience mainly as a consultant and supervisor managing oil, gas, and environmental projects. He has worked on characterization, audits, reporting, and supervision of soil and water remediation projects in the hydrocarbon and mining industries; on risk analysis reports; and on the use of the RBCA tool in environmental projects.

His experience includes managing, planning, and coordinating environmental projects. It also includes the preparation of reports and environmental audits of batteries, PIA, PTC-PTG, gas, oil, and multi-product pipelines. He has also coordinated baseline studies and conducted flora, fauna, ichthyology, and limnology field monitoring and sampling campaigns.