Gran Bajo Oriental

Gran Bajo Oriental

Tecpetrol S.A.

Santa Cruz, Argentina

  • Field surveys
  • Soil, surface water, and groundwater sampling
  • Geographic information systems
  • Satellite image geoprocessing
Project Overview

The project consisted of surveying environmental conditions of the 2,550 km2 Gran Bajo Oriental area before the start of the client's operations. It included a determination of probable environmental liabilities related to the hydrocarbon industry.

Project Role

Knight Piésold carried out a baseline study conducted by specialists with proven experience in field surveys and the hydrocarbons industry.

The study included:

  • Surveying flora and fauna, farm water wells, lagoons, and oil facilities
  • Interviewing residents, rural workers, and farm owners
  • Sampling soil, surface water, and groundwater for physicochemical analysis
  • Obtaining normalized differential snow indexes (NDSI), normalized differential water (NDWI), and normalized differential vegetation indexes (NDVI)
  • Multi-temporal analysis of satellite images and by combinations of bands