IMA 2020 Project

IMA 2020 Project



  • Soil and surface water sampling throughout pipeline network
  • Survey of traces, service bites, and accesses
  • Survey of complementary facilities
  • Occasional sampling at sites with previous incidents
Project Overview

The IMA 2020 Project is being carried out for YPF's Logistics Department to comply with Resolution 123/06 of the National Energy Secretariat (SEN). For this purpose, pipelines are being surveyed, including traces of the oil pipeline that joins the Pumping Station (EEBB) of Puesto Hernández (PH) in Neuquén with the Luján de Cuyo Refinery (LC) in Mendoza, the polyduct that joins LC with EEBB Villa Mercedes (VM) in San Luis, the polyducts that join EEBB VM with EEBB Monte Cristo (MC) in Córdoba and EEBB San Lorenzo (SL) in Santa Fe, the polyduct that joins EEBB VM with La Matanza (LM) Dispatch Terminal in Buenos Aires and a pipeline network in the urban area of Buenos Aires between Capital Federal and La Plata that includes two propanoducts, a JPduct, a polyduct, and an oil pipeline, and a pipeline that joins Refinery La Plata (LP) with EEBB in Puerto Rosales (PR) in Bahía Blanca.

Project Role

Knight Piésold carried out soil and surface water sampling along the pipeline network and monitored tasks of the trace status and complementary facilities. This information was expressed in an Environmental Monitoring Report (IMA) and a report of the Environmental Operation and Maintenance Study (EAOM).

The project also included complementary studies at the client’s request that involved pipeline abandonment studies, trace modifications, and characterizations of sites with incidents and those affected by hydrocarbons. Knight Piésold has been developing this consultancy service for five consecutive years (third IMA), carrying out all field and office tasks.