Featured Project

Olaroz Salt Flat

The project involves the clean production of lithium carbonate, for battery and other uses, with the possibility of producing potassium chloride in the future and extracting boron from brine. The operation consists of extracting brine rich in lithium by means of 21 wells drilled in the Olaroz salt mine, with depths between 50 and 300 m.

The brine is transferred to evaporation pools, where it is concentrated through solar radiation, and processed through a liming plant to precipitate the magnesium. Low magnesium brine is poured into evaporation pools called collecting ponds. The concentrated brine is then pumped to the lithium carbonate plant, where it passes through a series of concentration and drying processes, after which the battery grade lithium carbonate is obtained, with a concentration higher than 99.5%.

Knight Piésold's Role

Knight Piésold provided flora, fauna and limnology monitoring on a quarterly basis; physico-chemical parameter monitoring; and air quality and noise monitoring. We also carried out participatory monitoring involving communities in the project’s area of influence and an addendum of the environmental impact study for plant regrowth.