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San José Project

The San José mine, rich in silver and gold, is located 1,090 miles (1,750 km) south/southwest Buenos Aires, in Perito Moreno, province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. The mineralization in San José consists of low sulphidation vains with quartz sulphide with gold and silver economic values, and its geological and mineral characteristics are similar to those in the operations in Peru. San José started to operate in June 2007, and the deposit is exploited using the cut-and-cover method.   

Knight Piésold’s role:

Knight Piésold was retained to supervise and manage the 3-ft on average heightening of the flotation dam, the central dam and the side dam. This heightening was made with structural soil and geosynthetic lining.

Knight Piésold also supervised the Safety, Health and Environment (SSMA for its Spanish acronym). This entailed managing, controlling, monitoring, documenting and reporting the aspects related to said areas which are part of the jobs described in the agreement.

Some important elements of the project regarding management are program control, S curves control, construction procedure analysis, resource evaluation, construction progress control and certification approval.