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Zucamor Project

Construction Quality Assurance for the 15 MW Biomass Plant

The Zucamor Project is located in the city of Capioví, in the department of Libertador General San Martín, province of Misiones. The project consisted of the installation of a new 15 MW power generating plant with biomass in the current Papel Misionero S.A.I.F.C. plant, which produces cellulose and paper.

The new boiler involves a sustainable biomass energy process as it consumes logging residues from the area, while providing 10 MW of additional energy to the national grid. It saves 20,000 tons of fuel oil per year and replaces two of the existing boilers.

Knight Piésold’s Role

José Cartellone Construcciones Civiles S.A., a contractor of Papel Misionero S.A.I.F.C, retained Knight Piésold to provide construction quality assurance of the new plant installation. The supervised works included building of the steam and generation turbine; electromechanical assembly of the boiler, biomass yard, cooling towers; foundations of the metal bridge interconnecting the steam turbine building and the existing boiler building; and installation of ground connection and lightning protection, among others.

Knight Piésold also ran the quality management system for the client, identifying in advance and warning early about some aspects that turned into a benefit in the project development process. The methodology used was based on a 360 degree monitoring process associated with the quality management of the project.