Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering forms the backbone of all developed areas, providing infrastructure for a town or city. It consists essentially of two categories of services: bulk services and local services. Bulk services include larger water mains, stormwater outfall lines, and sewerage and pumping mains. Local services comprise internal water reticulation networks and local storm water networks, including items such as detention and attenuation ponds, feeder sewer lines, and manholes. These projects also require design and layout of larger feeder trunk roads, as well as the smaller local roads and streets.

Knight Piésold provides a full range of municipal engineering services for both bulk services, which feed the larger areas of the urban environment, and local services, which connect to the actual developed properties. Our clients are typically cities, local municipalities, and private developers who are carrying out developments in urban areas.

The typical range of municipal engineering services is as follows:

  • Bulk capacity and demand investigations
  • Detailed design of local services
  • Construction procurement
  • Construction supervision

Knight Piésold has been active in this field since 1983 and has a full complement of highly trained engineers, technologists, and technicians to provide these services to the industry.