Structural Engineering

Efficient, reliable, and innovative structural solutions have the ability to make a new project viable or an existing facility safe and effective for continued use. Remote locations, challenging climate and terrain, non-ideal ground conditions, or even just cost and schedule constraints require a team of experienced structural engineers that will work to find the best solution to suit the needs of the project. 

Knight Piésold provides a full suite of structural engineering services for the mining, power, water resources, and infrastructure industries. We have the experience to identify and consider important structural design issues at a high level during project development followed by complete detailed design and construction supervision services. We can also assess existing structures or facilities for continued use, repurposing, or upgrades to meet modern standards.

Knight Piésold has experience around the world on large-scale projects with international contractors and on small-scale projects with local and municipal contractors. Our experience allows us to tailor designs to use local and cost-effective materials, meeting international and local design standards. Our clients have ranged from large public utilities through to small private developers, providing us the insight to meet various design concerns while providing reliable solutions.