Water Quality Studies

Water quality baseline data are fundamental requirements for developing a comprehensive understanding of the water resources in a study area. Knight Piésold has specialists in each component of water quality studies, including surface water and groundwater monitoring, water quality analysis and reporting, and predictive water quality modeling. With a detailed understanding of government regulations and best practices and extensive experience on a variety of projects in challenging environments, our water quality specialists can provide specific direction on implementing long-term, cost-saving measures that effectively address water quality concerns.  Detailed baseline characterization is the foundation for predicting and mitigating potential project-related impacts.

Our water quality management services include:

  • Design and implementation of surface water and groundwater sampling programs
  • Data management, data analysis, quality assurance/quality control, and reporting
  • Water quality modeling, impact assessment reports, design of mitigation measures

The surface water and groundwater quality monitoring programs and water quality modeling results are used for:

  • Fisheries studies, aquatic ecosystem evaluations, and fish habitat compensation planning
  • Mitigation programs for wildlife habitat loss
  • Environmental impact assessments and cumulative impact assessments
  • Environmental geochemistry and reaction path geochemical modeling
  • Groundwater contaminant fate and transport analysis
  • Active and passive water treatment systems

Our in-house comprehensive knowledge of water quality modeling, input sources, and engineering design allow us to provide a complete package of water quality models and supporting information that allows for optimal project design and surpasses the expectations of regulators.