Data Management

FULCRUM: Web-Based Data Management and Analysis System

Knight Piésold pioneered the development of FULCRUM in response to the ever-expanding needs of clients for centralized, reliable data storage, combined with management and analysis capabilities.

FULCRUM is a web-based data management and analysis system that ensures project connectivity and efficiency by integrating numerous database functionalities into a simple, user-friendly interface. It has the same security capabilities used in online banking systems, allowing access to any number of controlled external users. Designed to provide reliable and controlled data storage, management, and processing capabilities, FULCRUM enables project teams to upload, access, and analyze data in real-time, and all of our clients to access their data through a secure interface from anywhere.

With contributions from many of Knight Piésold’s engineers, scientists, and developers around the world, FULCRUM is continuously expanding to host a wide range of data types. Currently, FULCRUM provides a safe and secure location for data and related services, including:

  • Climatology and snow surveying
  • Equipment and instrument inventory management
  • Project-related file management and transfer systems
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental analyses
  • GIS integration and mapping
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geochemistry
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Geotechnical site investigations

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