Geographic Information System

Large amounts of spatial data can become overwhelming and this can make completing any task from simpler mapping to complex analysis more difficult. Data management for large projects and data sharing are major challenges for most companies. Timely and accurate representation of spatial information and analysis results is what sets the successful companies apart from the rest and helps with the planning and decision making process for each project.

Knight Piésold offers spatial data management solutions, including storage, archiving, backup, and proper superseding techniques. Our team manages entire spatial databases for major projects and clients. This is done through our expertise in spatial analysis and modeling of vector and raster data, and with the use of industry-leading software, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, and SQL Server Database. We provide a number of data sharing techniques to the clients from simple packaged databases to more complex replication processes, as well as presenting the information over a web mapping interface or a standalone web service.

Knight Piésold provides high quality, efficient, and customized geographic information system (GIS) services to meet the needs of our clients. Our GIS professionals can help you assess your GIS needs, acquire data, manage and analyze the information, create deliverables or provide training to GIS users, and follow up with technical support.