Knight Piésold Launches New Logo

January 2, 2018 – Knight Piésold is excited to announce that today we are launching our new logo, marking the most significant change in our visual identity in 27 years. The refreshed logo preserves our heritage while paving the way towards the next phase of the company’s evolution, one focused on continuing value creation through innovative, technically excellent solutions.

The initials “KP” have been used interchangeably with “Knight Piésold” within and outside the company since 1990 and have been formally adopted into the logo. The symbol consists of a circle with the letters “K” and “P” connected together and bleeding off the circle’s edge. The circle references our global group, and the connected letters create movement and dynamic negative space in the logo.

The new logo is being rolled out to all Knight Piésold assets and communications, starting with digital platforms in January and continuing across all other materials throughout the year.