Run of River Hydro - Latest Innovations in Diversion Dams and Sediment Exclusion

Author: Sam Mottram, Keith Ainsley, Egbert Scherman
Conference: 84th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams
Date: May 15-20, 2016

The exclusion of sediment for hydropower intakes and the flushing of sediment from reservoirs in order to maintain live storage are critical to the long- term viability and sustainability of hydroelectric projects around the World. This paper presents several design innovations and case studies of run-of-river diversion dams and intakes incorporating inflatable rubber dams, vortex de-sanders and Coanda screen intakes for sediment exclusion and flood passage. It presents the findings of physical and CFD model tests, case studies of operating facilities and lessons learned. The projects showcased include:

  • The 147 MW East Toba Hydroelectric Project with inflatable rubber dam for sediment scouring and flood passage.
  • The largest capacity Coanda Screen intake in the World on the 45 MW Kokish River Hydroelectric Project, designed for sediment exclusion and fish passage.
  • Case studies and lessons learned from 8 other run- of- river hydroelectric projects recently constructed that use crest gates (i.e. rubber dams, Obermeyer crest gates or similar) and/or Coanda Screen intakes for sediment flushing and exclusion.


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