Knight Piésold Celebrates 90th Anniversary

April 28, 2011 - Knight Piésold commemorates its 90th anniversary this month with celebrations happening throughout the year.

Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1921, the company, which began as a one-person growing into a two-person engineering consulting office, specialized in water resources, natural draught cooling towers, thermal power stations and hydroelectric power stations. Today, the company has grown into a network of companies across South Africa and in over 14 other countries around the world. With 28 offices, Knight Piésold’s 650 employees are working together on hundreds of mining, environmental, renewable energy, water resources and transportation projects throughout the world.

Knight Piésold has continuously expanded and evolved over the last 90 years. The company has been constantly adapting its operating practices and range of services to suit current market conditions. Its commitment to its clients has brought about numerous long-term, valued relationships and its passion toward its employees has resulted in an outstanding team of top notch professionals and numerous award winning projects.

For Knight Piésold, the journey has not stopped since it started in 1921; and it continues with a bright, promising future.