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Gualcamayo Project

The Gualcamayo Project is located in Jáchal, 68 miles (110 km) away from San José de Jáchal and 167 miles (270 km) north of the capital city of the province of San Juan. The project's main objective is the extraction of gold through an open pit system. Gualcamayo is made up of two colla-quechua words: hualka (pearled or precious stone) and mayu (river with stones like pearls).

The deposit is located 8,200 ft. (2,500 m) above sea level and has primary and secondary crushing. Leaching is made in valleys, using cyanide solution. The project formally started producing in 2009, and its estimated lifespan is 14 years.

Knight Piésold’s Role

Knight Piésold was retained to re-adapt the Phase 2B North PAD Detail Engineering based on the current situation of the Northern Valley, after the construction of Phase 2A. It is estimated that Phase 2B will be able to pile 16.06 Mt, generating a total of nine layers and reaching a final height of 295 ft (90 m).

The detail engineering also included the operation and emergency pool capacity verification and design, if needed; the volume determination and cost estimates; the final design report preparation; and the technical specifications. The client was also supported during the tendering stages and the construction cost analysis.