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Innergex Group of Projects

Knight Piésold continues to undertake hydrometric data collection and analysis for various phases of a number of run-of-river hydroelectric projects owned and operated by Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (Innergex). These projects are located throughout the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. The hydrometric monitoring network for these projects consists of over 50 stations, many of which have been in continuous operation since 2000, amassing the equivalent of over 1,000 years of hydrometric data since that time.

Knight Piésold’s Role

Knight Piésold took over the management of the Innergex network in 2011, and now oversees all aspects of hydrometric data collection for Innergex, including site selection, instrumentation (selection and installation), continuous bench mark and cross-section surveying, and maintenance of a rigorous quality assurance program.

Various stream gauging techniques are employed, including velocity-area, tracer dye, and acoustic Doppler methods. Additionally, over 95% of data acquisition is through a combination of satellite, direct ethernet, and cellular telemetry systems, providing real-time capabilities in support of these projects in even the most remote and harshest environments in British Columbia. Data management and analysis use Knight Piesold’s own FULCRUM web-based data management system, and Aquarius® data correction and rating development software.

Furthermore, Knight Piésold provides hydrologic analyses to support hydroelectric project permitting and development, including the development of long-term synthetic daily flow series for assessing hydroelectric generating potential, and the estimation of peak and low flows to support engineering designs and environmental studies.

Services provided include:

  • Site selection and instrumentation installation
  • Continuous data collection and rating development
  • Complete data standardization
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Provision of complete data analysis packages
  • Monitoring of telemetry systems