N2 Wild Coast Highway Section 20 between the Msikaba River Bridge and the Mtentu River Bridge

N2 Wild Coast Highway Section 20 between the Msikaba River Bridge and the Mtentu River Bridge

South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd.

Eastern Cape, South Africa

  • Greenfield project
  • Part of the 410 km future major link between East London and Port Edward
  • Road will be situated between what is to be two of South Africa’s most iconic bridges: Mtentu Bridge and Msikaba Bridge
  • Two major interchange bridges
  • One river bridge
  • Five agricultural overpass bridges
  • Twelve vehicular underpass bridges
  • Twenty-seven major culverts
  • Ten agricultural underpasses
  • Relocation of houses and graves
  • Approximately 35 km of access roads
Project Overview  

The project is located in the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality in the OR Tambo District in the Eastern Cape. The section of the road extends from the Msikaba River at km 35.3, to the Mtentu River at km 52.8 in the Transkei towards the east of the Eastern Cape province. The total length of final toll road will be approximately 410 km. The project is currently in the preliminary design phase. Construction began in early 2019 and will take five years to complete.

The major aspects of this project include the following:

  • Construction of new greenfield portion of the N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway between the Msikaba River Bridge and the Mtentu River Bridge
  • Pedestrian and livestock walkways within and across the road reserve
  • Community access roads adjacent to the new route, all to be constructed using community development methodology
  • Drainage structures and ancillary works required for efficient functioning of the highway, both inside and outside the road reserve, including, if and where, required
  • New bridges including a bridge over the KwaDlambu River
  • Structures for accesses (vehicular, pedestrian and livestock), retaining and slope stability measures, and overhead signs
  • Relocation of inhabitants from within the national route road reserve to predetermined sites outside the road reserve
Project Role
  • Design and construction supervision of the N2 freeway. The portion of freeway exiting the two bridges will be designed and constructed to a dual carriageway, with the remaining sections designed to a single carriageway with occasional climbing lanes. This project will form part of the main works contract and will also include all related structures (i.e., overpasses, underpasses, drainage structures [culverts and bridges], as well as two major interchanges).
  • Managing of a consulting engineering targeted enterprise that will be responsible for the design of the access roads. Access roads of various classes will be designed and constructed along the length of the N2 freeway, which will provide access to either side of the freeway.
  • Managing the contract for the relocation of approximately 15 properties and approximately 80 graves.