Featured Project

Stock Road – Govan Mbeki to R300

The Stock Road project consists of rehabilitation and provision of NMT and IRT infrastructure. Stock Road was a single carriageway class 3 road that served the Philippi East Industrial Hub and the surrounding community. It was an important link between R 300 and Govan Mbeki Road. The existing road was heavily trafficked with large vehicles going to various businesses. It also had heavy pedestrian movement from residential areas, mainly from informal settlements to the businesses area. The existing road was in need of an upgrade. In the planning stage, the City of Cape Town upgraded the single carriageway to a dual carriageway and added the NMT facility as a shared facility for pedestrians and cyclists. Stock Road is considered a feeder route with three “My Citi” bus stations, which will link to the future IRT long haul route along Govan Mbeki Road. In the process, the City also improved the bulk water and stormwater network for this area spanning 2 km.

Knight Piésold's Role

Knight Piésold was involved in the conceptional design later developed in the detail design stage of the rehabilitation and provision of NMT and IRT infrastructure of Stock Road. Knight Piésold  was tasked to design the new infrastructure to align with the “My Citi” and the NMT and IRT guidelines of the Transport and Urban Development Authority for the City of Cape Town. Knight Piésold, together with contracted sub-consultants, undertook the sewer design, road design, electrical design, landscape design, CRC design, and all underground services design, which included the appointment of a public liaison officer to engage the local communities. Knight Piésold also undertook the full site supervision and construction monitoring. The main roles undertaken include:

  • Preliminary study
  • Project management
  • Assisted the City with community participation during the initial and construction stages of the project
  • Dual carriageway road design, including preparation for future with stations in the centre median
  • Continuous reinforced concrete design
  • Pipeline design
  • Site supervision
  • Tie-in design of the existing bridge abutments to new road alignment
  • Bypass design to facilitate continuous traffic movement during the construction stage with width construction