150 MW Casecnan Multi-Purpose Hydroelectric Project

150 MW Casecnan Multi-Purpose Hydroelectric Project

CE Casecnan Water and Energy Company Inc.

Nueva Ecija, Philippines

  • 150 MW multi-purpose hydroelectric project and water transfer scheme
  • Project optimization
  • Hydrogeological assessment
  • Financing feasibility study
  • Geotechnical mapping and rock mass classification
  • TBM tunnelling
  • Design reviews and construction supervision
Project Overview

The Casecnan Project was the subject of numerous studies from 1980-1994 that focused on maximizing potential resource for power generation and diversion of water into the Pantabangan reservoir to expand an existing irrigation system. The studies also focused on a concept involving full regulation of the Casecnan River with a 190-m-high dam, 28 km power tunnel and powerhouse.

Project Role

Knight Piésold developed an alternative concept for the overall scheme with a view to optimizing its potential and making it attractive for privately funded development. This eliminated significant concerns over flooding of villages by converting the project into a run-of-river scheme.

Knight Piésold developed the revised concept into a 150 MW run-of-river multi-purpose hydroelectric and water transfer scheme. The project involves two run-of-river intakes, 26 km of power tunnel, and an underground powerhouse containing two vertical axis 75 MW Francis type turbine/generator units operating under a gross head of 265 m.

The scope of the project involved project optimization, financing feasibility studies, geotechnical mapping and rock mass classification, hydrogeological assessment, excavation progress review of three 6.5 m diameter TBMs, temporary support assessment, inspection of final tunnel support installation, review of final lining design, and construction QA/QC.