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Water Conveyance

Water Conveyance

As population centers continue to grow, more complex infrastructure is required to move potable water, stormwater, wastewater and sewage effectively.

Our team can assist in the design and implementation of water and sewer conveyance systems and are considered by our clients to be specialists in the analysis, design and implementation of large diameter steel pipelines.

We provide the following services to our clients requiring the implementation of pipeline projects:

  • Preliminary design and pipeline route determination including hydraulic analyses and pipeline sizing
  • Servitude negotiation and facilitating servitude registration, including temporary working space during construction
  • Facilitation of wayleave agreements between services authorities and our clients
  • Facilitation of pipeline route surveys and geotechnical investigations for pipe trenches, jacked sleeves and river crossings
  • Detailed design, including surge analyses, steel pipeline yield stress analysis, collar and crotch plate design, analysis, sizing and positioning of air valves for air release and vacuum break
  • Preparation of detailed drawings including graded longitudinal sections, chambers for air, scour and isolating valves, jacked sleeves and cross connections
  • Contract administration and construction monitoring