Rock Mechanics

Rock Mechanics

Understanding the mechanical behavior of rock and rock masses is critical for the successful development and safe operation of mines.

We offer a range of rock mechanics services for open pit and underground mining at all stages of development, from concept, to construction, through operations and closure.  We routinely design and manage site investigation programs, develop pit slope designs, conduct stability assessments and operational monitoring for active open pit slopes, evaluate stabilization/support systems for underground mines, and conduct micro-seismic monitoring of underground mines.

We are fully experienced with and maintains state-of-the-art geotechnical software, including DIPS, SEEP/W, SLOPE/W, FLAC, SWEDGE, CLARA, XSTABL, UDEC, PHASES2D, SHAKE, FLUSA, and PLAXIS for stability analyses and assessments of geotechnical problems.


Site Investigations

A sound knowledge of ground conditions is an important basis for the planning and construction of any project. Our rock mechanics site investigation services include:

  • Program design and coordination
  • Geophysical site characterizations coordination
  • Oriented and triple-tubed diamond drilling coordination and supervision 
  • In-situ testing including coordination of televiewer results
  • Detailed geomechanical logging and/or site training on logging procedures
  • Surface and underground geomechanical mapping
  • Rock mass characterization and geomechanical domain determination
  • Lab testing coordination for rock strength determination
  • Hydrology
  • Instrumentation

Open Pit Mining

Our comprehensive range of engineering services for the design of open pit slopes includes geomechanical site investigations, rock mass characterization, pit slope stability analysis, and open pit slope design. These services include:

  • Ongoing engineering support for existing operations
  • Slope stability and due diligence reviews
  • Slope stability analyses and modelling
  • Slope design, optimization, and remediation
  • Dewatering and slope de-pressurization programs design
  • Wall blasting optimization
  • Geomechanical and hydrogeological instrumentation
  • Slope deformation monitoring
  • Inflow estimates

Underground Mining

Our rock mechanics specialists assist clients with cost-effective and safe planning approaches for underground excavations:

  • Ongoing engineering support and training for existing operations
  • Assistance with mining method selection and stope sizing
  • Assistance with excavation layouts, support selection, and pillar design
  • Crown pillar stability and risk assessments
  • Rockburst assessments and rockburst risk management strategies
  • Seismic data analysis instrumentation - review and design
  • 2D and 3D numerical stress modelling
  • Far-field stress assessments
  • Underground rock mechanics, ground control reviews, and/or audits