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Thermal Power

Thermal Power

While the world moves towards renewable sources of energy, thermal power generation still plays an important role, often being used in conjunction with renewables.

Our South African based team has extensive experience in many aspects of thermal power stations, including environmental protection, ash disposal, heavy machinery foundations, chimney stacks, and major engineering structures such as boiler houses. We have also become a world leader in the engineering of co-generation systems, circulating water systems, and cooling towers. This very specialized knowledge has allowed our participation in related fields outside of the power generation industry, and we have also been involved in a number of energy-related and heat-disposal projects in the petrochemical, mining and steelmaking industries.

Thermal power plant conversion from a high cost fuel to a lower cost fuel is a common issue in the volatile fuel price economy. Identifying sources of lower cost fuels to replace oil, and planning the needed facility modifications to accommodate the fuel change is part of our thermal practice. Our technical specialists can plan modifications to existing facilities or develop requirements for greenfield sites. Fuel storage and usage planning is key to facility development.

Our experience includes preparing design-build tender documents (EPC or EPC with financing) and assisting owners with design-build (EPC) contractor selection, as well as with contract management and supervision support for procurement, construction, commissioning, facility operations and maintenance, spare parts management, and asset management.