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95 Years of Engineering Excellence

95 Years of Engineering Excellence

Publication: Progressive Leader
Issue: Issue 15
Issue Title: Building Our Cities

Established in April 1921, Knight Piésold (Pty) Ltd is a valued, trusted and uniquely South African company that has remained at the forefront of infrastructure development in South Africa, on the African continent and around the world. As South Africa’s longest-standing consulting engineering company, it is justifiably proud of being viable, profitable and South Africanowned. It has sustained operation through world wars, periods of major economic upheaval and depression and periods of great political change.

Knight Piésold has remained true to its South African heritage while growing into an international organisation, with offices in Australia, North and South America, the UK and throughout the African continent. It has achieved this whilst remaining South African-owned and -managed, something that no other large company within the industry has managed to do.


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