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Investing in Safe & Sustainable Tailings Management

Investing in Safe & Sustainable Tailings Management

Webinar Moderator: Mining Review Africa
Date: February 4, 2020

Investing in safe & sustainable tailings management

The controversial issue of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) construction and management following a spate of disasters over the last 24 months was unpacked during a breakfast discussion by leading mining services companies Fraser Alexander, Knight Piesold and Webber Wentzel on the sidelines of the annual Investing in Africa Mining Indaba event in Cape Town this week.

Hosted by leading, African-focused mining trade journal Mining Review Africa, the discussion focused on the importance of integrated TSF management and attracting investment while containing risk. Building on and unpacking this topic in far greater detail, the TSF breakfast discussion was led by:

  • John Wates, Chairman, Fraser Alexander
  • Andrew Copeland, Technical Director, Knight Piésold Southern Africa
  • Rashaad Carrim, Partner, Webber Wentzel
  • Le Roux van den Berg, Loss Adjuster, Lloyd Warwick

The discussion focused specifically on the following aspects:

  • strategic risks facing organisation executives
  • factors to determine appropriate executive level oversight
  • potential shareholder liability
  • investor interest and compliance oversight
  • role of insurers in limiting risks


Webinar Recording