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Review of Risk Management and Regulatory Framework of Mine Waste Facilities in Zambia

Review of Risk Management and Regulatory Framework of Mine Waste Facilities in Zambia

Author: Patrick Tembo, Gibson Mupeyo, Chalwe Bulaya, Boston Katongo
Conference: Zambia Chamber of Mines’ 4th National Conference on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
Date: November 1-2, 2018

Fatal and life threatening incidences related to mine waste facilities occurring in the mining sector worldwide are a source of concern to the industry. Despite the implementation of management strategies and enforcement of relevant pieces of legislations, fatalities associated with the operations of mine waste facilities have continued to befall the mining sector.

In view of continued occurrence of fatal incidences at mine waste facilities, there is particular concern regarding the need to adopt adequate risk management strategies and regulatory frameworks for management of mine waste facilities. Evidence shows that generally mine waste facility management has not been given the necessary attention it deserves. This is attributed to Mine Waste being at the last part, or rather the “tail-end” of mining and mineral processes. In addition, the regulatory framework on the management of mine waste facilities is seemingly inadequate when it comes to implementation. There is also no country or country-customised standards setting out risk and general management requirements for the mine waste facilities.

It is therefore critical that adequate Best Available Technologies and Practises of risk management are documented and effectively implemented to prevent fatal incidences and injuries associated with mine waste facilities. In addition, the regulatory framework should adequately deter mine owners from neglecting responsible management of their mine waste facilities.


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