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Selati Tailings Dam New Decant Tower

Selati Tailings Dam New Decant Tower

Author: Andries Strauss
Conference: 6th International Mining and Industrial Waste Management Conference
Date: October 29-31, 2018

A failure occurred along the Selati Tailings Dam decant outlet conduit in February 2013. Emergency response procedures ensured the integrity of the facility. Improved engineered remedial measures were then executed. A trade-off study was conducted to find the preferred option for replacement of the decant system. The outcome was that a gravity decant system similar to the existing system is preferred and is to be located on natural ground in the facility basin on the Southern side. The detail design was prepared for this 64 m tall concrete structure and  standalone hybrid staircase. The system can be operated fully remotely and uses power delivered by batteries, charged from solar panels on the control room roof. Engineering support services and quality control services were provided during the complicated construction phase and various innovations applied. The system is complete, commissioned and fully operation.


Download the full technical paper.