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Elko Roundtable Discussions

Elko Roundtable Discussions

Conference: Elko Roundtable
Date: 2005 to Ongoing

Knight Piésold USA has been hosting the Elko Rountable since 2005, with an aim in creating an environment to discuss current practices, challenges, and accomplishments associated with the need for, and the advancement of, innovation. The roundtable forum encourages an exchange of ideas and information pertaining to broad topics revolving around the subject of innovations in heap leaching and mine waste management. Compared to traditional conferences and symposia, the forum provides a much less inhibited format for discussion.

Previous rountable discussions included:

  • Heap leach pad design, construction, and operation
  • Design, construction, and operation of tailings storage facilities
  • Site-wide water considerations
  • Mine closure and cover design
  • Strides toward sustainability in mining
  • High-density tailings, paste, and filtered tailings
  • Acid rock drainage for engineers and environmental scientists
  • Material co-disposal/co-placement in the mining industry


Central Thickened Discharge for Tailings Facility Closure, March 2017

Alternative Liner Systems, March 2014

Considerations for Tailings Facility Design and Operation Using Filtered Tailings, March 2014

Co-disposal, March 2014

Some Unique Approaches to Tailings Management and Heap Leaching, March 2014

Drain Down from Waste Rock and Heap Leach Piles, March 2014

INAP and The Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide (GARD Guide), March 2012

FLSmidth Roundtable Presentation, March 2011

Tailings Storage and Heap Leaching in a Combined Facility – A First for the Mining Industry, 2009 (Presented at the Arequipa Mining Conference PERUMIN)

Open Pit & Stockpile Ore Control for Cyanide Heap Leaching to Prevent a Sour Pad, March 2000


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The above articles were originally published in Mining Engineering Magazine and are copyrighted by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME). Articles are listed here with permission from SME.


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